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Luxury Real Estate Global™ + Luxury Real Estate In Montreal
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Luxury Real Estate In Montreal™ + Luxury Real Estate Global™ is taking the art of real estate portfolio management to new heights.

We provide our clients with creative custom marketing plans and superior knowledge of real estate values backed by a team of experts that provide leading edge marketing expertise, professional personalized service and excellent negotiating skills. Access a brand name that symbolizes luxury, taste and quality service.

A global image • Local distinction • Luxury market expertise

All necessary components for buying and selling in the high end market, all inherent in the Luxury Real Estate In Montreal™ + Luxury Real Estate Global™ concept. Access our powerful marketing programs. Access our international, national and local advertising and public relations campaigns. Access exposure to exclusive properties while tapping the global power of our Renowned Properties network. At Luxury Real Estate In Montreal™ + Luxury Real Estate Global™ our powerful global marketing resources combined with our sophisticated local marketing programs provide effective marketing strategies for sellers.We serve the specialized needs and interests of affluent buyers and sellers by providing exceptional service to discriminating clients and demographically tailored marketing for exclusive properties.

Sincerely, Garo Kazandjian Luxury Real Estate In Montreal™ + Luxury Real Estate Global™


The custom-tailored services offered by Garo Kazandjian - Real Estate Broker & Founder of Luxury Real Estate In Montreal™ & Luxury Real Estate Global™ elevate targeted property marketing to new levels through superb execution, comprehensive implementation, personalized attention, and flexible opportunities. Throughout unique and unparalleled approaches resulting in successful sales, completed or forthcoming -  Garo Kazandjian's local & global notoriety and tireless protean inventiveness never distracts his fundamental vision: Representation, whatever form it takes, must improve the lives of as many people as possible. He vehemently believes this benevolent and pragmatic vision should be shared by everyone and sums it up with the resolve that has set him apart from the very beginnings. Valuable connections, skillful timing, and the ultimate in discretion. Through intimate relationships cultivated with top clients, properties are introduced to distinctive individuals according to buying trends, lifestyle requirements, and financial ability. SInce 2006, Garo Kazandjian and his team have consistently continued their growth to successfully market & sell some of the world's most remarkable properties both locally and globally to high-net-worth qualified buyers. By presenting a gallery of the finest luxury properties worldwide, he is recognized by many, throughout the world, as the luxury standard of excellence. Persuasive advertisements for prominent publications may be created, as well as customized brochures, web placements, videos and podcasts, micro sites, and polished press initiatives on the local, national, and international levels. Remaining at the forefront of marketing and technological innovation to ensure that he generates the greatest interest in your property, his goal, is to sell your property at the highest price in the shortest possible time. Fully aware of the fact, that even a 150 million dollar property, listed but not sold, has little value to its seller, it is not surprising that he regularly holds records and sets new precedences in residential sales for the Province of Québec. It is worth noting that choosing Garo Kazandjian as your Exclusive Broker for your property provides you with not only the strength of unparalleled marketing but also with these benefits: A dedicated broker who will guide the entire marketing process, ensure discretion and report to you on a regular basis. The widest possible exposure within the brokerage community. With an exclusive listing, we share information with all members of the Real Estate Board of Québec and the World. Pre-qualification of prospective buyers and the presence of a qualified, licensed representative at every showing. Skilled negotiation on your behalf with full knowledge of all activity associated with your property, thereby helping you obtain the best possible price and the quickest possible closing. Shepherding of the sale to its successful conclusion, helping you navigate building rules and the other myriad details associated with the transfer of ownership. Expertise, know-how, and the incomparable properties he represents are always sought out by the press & media both locally and internationally. Hence Garo Kazandjian is routinely present in editorials & interviews in some of the leading TV networks and publications throughout the world.